Load pilots help oversized loads be transported on the roads without causing a danger to other road users. These loads are wider, taller and/or longer than the maximum vehicle dimensions. Our roads have signs, lanes, roundabouts and traffic islands based on normal-sized vehicles, so a huge vehicle can cause problems. Load pilots escort these vehicles and loads, warning other road users about them.

Alpha Load Piloting can cover all your piloting needs be they Long, Wide or Heavy. Our services include:

  • Class 1
  • Class 2

Alpha Load piloting provides a professional Piloting Service using experienced NZTA Certified Pilots so you know your heavy load is being escorted by someone who understands the needs of your heavy haul driver and the associated regulatory permit rules.


Alpha Load Piloting operates a Health and Safety System and is committed to minimise the risk of harm to anyone involved in the movement of your load including the general public.


Our Pilot Cars are fully equipped and Compliant with NZTA regulations