Since 31 January 2004, all load pilots must have completed a load pilot driver’s course approved by the Transport Agency. Class 2 pilots can only escort vehicles of certain sizes by themselves.

The larger the oversize vehicle, the greater the road space it needs – and the more often other road users will need help to get past safely.

Class 1 load pilots receive more intensive traffic control training than class 2 pilots.

Oversize vehicles that are above certain size limits must be escorted by at least one class 1 pilot.

Class 1 and one, two or more class 2 pilots usually team up to ensure the oversize vehicle reaches its destination safely. (A class 1 pilot may be helped by class 1 pilots rather than class 2 pilots.)

Load pilots help oversized loads be transported on the roads without causing a danger to other road users. These loads are wider, taller and/or longer than the maximum vehicle dimensions. Our roads have signs, lanes, roundabouts and traffic islands based on normal-sized vehicles, so a huge vehicle can cause problems. Load pilots escort these vehicles and loads, warning other road users about them.

Phil and his team hold all the required certifications with the practical experience to compliment the theory.